About this blog

This blog started out as a portfolio of some sorts, but later I figured out I enjoy writing, so now its turning out to be a hybrid between my thoughs and what I have experieced in IT.

About me

I am a web enthusiast!!

Right now I am studying Informatics in Greece, In my free time I research the web, code or go for long walks with my dog Chevy.

I also enjoy reading and writing, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and love music that comes from artistic souls, nature and philosophical discussions.

I like tinkering with stuff and customization, software-wise I have been experimenting with many languages and technologies, I grew especially fond of Ruby for its simplicity, Python for being dynamic and powerful, and Javascript since all it needs is a browser and seems to be the future of the web for many years to come.

I have ambitions to work in A.I. in the future, the way humans process information, has always been a mystery that amazed me.