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Sublime and Atom

I have been using sublime, almost from day one I switched to Gnu/Linux from Windows. It is a hell of a text-editor it is neat, easy , customizable and extensible. Managing big projects like a Rails project can be a breeze with sublime.

However recently I stopped using it and switched to Atom.

Atom is new to the block. It is an open-sourced project started by GitHub. It actually resembles a lot to sublime. But its fresh and ready to race!

Why I prefer Atom.

First of all Atom is open-sourced,that means it will be improving FAST! And it already is! Atom is written in javascript, html and css. Yes! Html and Css. It is acctually based on the Chromium project (Google Chrome). It even has Chrome developers tools.

I liked sublime extensions but it always felt like I has hacking the system, making it behave in a way it is not supposed to. With Atom, installing extensions and plugins feels so right! It is supported through the system and because Atom is open-sourced coupled with Js,Html and CSS, I feel more developers will have an easier time building extentions.

Atom is fresh, and I feel it has a modern look compared to Sublime. And since I’m a web-developer I can see exactly how everything is styled and customize it.

Atom is not all perfect and good though. Exacly because it written with Html,CSS and JS it takes a lot of time to load, sometimes I wait for up to 12 seconds for it to load. And almost every extension ads up to that time.
After it loads though it seems pretty fast, at least to me.

One thing that surprised me is that Atom provides spelling-correction out of the box, witch for me who is not a native English writer helps a lot!!

Finally Atom is backed up by GitHub, and well… I love GitHub! I think they help move open software to a great direction, and I wouldn’t know half about software I know now if it were not for GitHub.

Anyhow, both Atom and Sublime are great text-editors, and I don’t really believe Atom would even be here if it were not for Sublime. Any tool you chose to use, make sure you are using it to its full potential or at least half ;) .

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